Tectorius Tec-Flon Green/Cream

Tectorius TEC-FLON™ is a bonded, heat resistant, protective coating specially formulated to prevent accumulation of undesirable substances onto substrate surfaces. Examples include: electrodeposited materials,welding by-products, solder, paint, powder coatings, overspray, dirt, and oil. In addition,TEC-FLON™ lubricates fastener threads to reduce driving friction, thread galling, and provide uniform clamp force.



Matching Industry Specs

Tectorius Tec-Flon Green/Cream


Typical Applications

Tectorius TEC-FLON™ is typically applied to screws, bolts, nuts, clips, rivets, studs, weld-fasteners, clench-fasteners, and pierce-fasteners where accumulation of by-products would inhibit installation. Industries and applications such as agriculture, automotive, appliances, electronics, electrical enclosures, furniture substructures, HVAC, machinery, marine, outdoor power equipment, recreation equipment, and telecommunications manufacturing benefit from the use of TEC-FLON™ by way of increased efficiency, labour savings, and minimizing rework.