Thread Sealing - Dry to the touch sealing for tapered and straight threads Thread Locking - Chemical locking to resist vibration and loosening Nylon Patch - Mechanical locking to resist vibration and loosening 3M Insert

Coming soon!

New 3M Products.

A full line of 3M liquid thread lockers for your production line needs.

Have to do some field repair?  Don't forget to bring 3M Scotch-Weld to lock things up!

3M Scotch-Weld

This is just one of the many valued added products Bradley offers to you in addition to our in-house pre-applied materials.

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** New Product **

Bradley is now applying Plastisol


When applied under the head of fasteners it will:

* Provide a positive seal that eliminates leaks.

* Cushion, insulate and reduce noise.

* Reduce vibration.



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