Thread Sealing - Dry to the touch sealing for tapered and straight threads Thread Locking - Chemical locking to resist vibration and loosening Nylon Patch - Mechanical locking to resist vibration and loosening 3M Insert

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New 3M Products.

A full line of 3M liquid thread lockers for your production line needs.

Have to do some field repair?  Don't forget to bring 3M Scotch-Weld to lock things up!

3M Scotch-Weld

This is just one of the many valued added products Bradley offers to you in addition to our in-house pre-applied materials.

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Loctite 201, 2353, 3M, Ford, PF5144

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New in 2016

Our engineers here at Bradley have been working deligently to upgrade our application equiptment!   This will increase our capacity and help ensure timely product delivery.   Talk to your Bradley Rep today for more information.


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